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7+1 Program

Every semester, we recruit students to our 7+1 study abroad program jointly run with the University of Salamanca. Recruitment notices are usually posted between January and February and between July and August every year.

[ Qualifications ]
  1. Receive a minimum of a B in Spanish I or II (for Spanish majors)
  2. Receive a minimum of a B in Spanish-taught courses with subject codes 300 or higher
  3. Pass the DELE B1 exam or earn an upper level score
  4. Receive 500 points or more on the FLEX exam

Students who meet more than one of the four conditions above are eligible to apply to be an exchange student with the University of Salamanca.

※ Only students whose first major is in the College of Liberal Arts are eligible to apply.


For example:

  • - First Major : psychology, Double Major: Spanish language and literature (eligible)
  • - First Major : business administration, Double Major: Spanish language and literature (ineligible)

[ Application Materials ]

1. Application

  • - A one-page self-introduction and statement of purpose (written in Korean)
  • - State your name in Korean and English, your department, student number, and contact information (mobile phone and e-mail address)

2. Transcript (English)

3. DELE or FLEX score report (in case of Qualification 3 or 4)

※ English names written on your application and transcript should be identical to the one written on your passport. (Please check spelling and spacing.) You may change your English name on your transcript at the university portal.

The 7+1 Program is not part of the student exchange program administered by the Office of International Affairs. Students who are interested in that student exchange program should refer to the homepage of the Office of International Affairs (http://oia.korea.ac.kr/main.do).